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Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday and Shayne Joseph

We had some audio problems and unfortunately this episode still has a crackle we were unable to remove. :(

Topics covered:

Cane Toads Break Evolution Rules, Damping Down Fear With Cortisol, Yuri's Night, Photos from Mercury, Geologists Aim For Mantle of the Earth, Most Ancient Fossils Aren't Life, Girls Fear Vaccines and Risk Cancer

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Hosts: Ed Brown, Penny Dumsday, Shayne Joseph

Topics covered:

 SupermoonNew Horizons Flies by UranusMESSENGER First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury,Sperm's egg-seeking secrets revealed,Yuri’s Night,59 year old experiment gives new clues to origins of lifeHow A Dinosaur Is Like A Vacuum CleanerSex Really Can Be Deadly, Study Finds

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Our first test run has some issues - Penny is sick, half way through the interview Skype cut out, and then the internet gremlins destroyed the second half (which really was much, much better than the first half!). So here's where it all started, our first pilot episode. Hopefully we'll be more professional from now on! :)


Guests: high school science teacher Penny Dumsday, microbiologist Shayne Joseph.


Why we like science, passionate teachers, soil-dwelling flesh-eating bacteria and Shayne's 'intimate' relationship with his lecturer.


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