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Data collected on the ISS gives clues about dark matter. New analysis fo data from a soviet balloon probe suggests it encountered a rain shower on Venus. Iceman Otzi had bad teeth. How eating red meat could lead to heart attacks. And can a new take on an Old Wive's Tale be the answer to bed bug infestations?

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Obama announces brain-mapping plan. Scientists decode dreams with brain scans. The active ingredient in magic mushrooms could treat severe depression, but conducting trials is a legal nightmare. A turtle believed extinct for decades never really existed. How nerve cells generate energy. Buzz Aldrin's toothbrush, and other space memorabillia, up for auction. And a new species of giant tarantula has been discovered and is "pretty", venomous, and the size of your face.

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Henrietta Lacks's immortal cancer cells, and the ethical controversy surrounding them.

An unusual virus could be the source of a mysterious form of hepatitis that causes liver failure in most horses.

If you thought mating in humans was complicated, spare a thought for the protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila, with its seven sexes!

Could the mysterious 'fairy circles' in Africa be the result of termites, rather than alien landing pads?

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Voyager 1 has left the solar system. Or has it? Yes. And No. Sort of.

The Great Roller Derby Bacteria Swap

Three-person IVF could prevent mitochondrial disorders

The bacteria that kills itself to spare the rest of the colony from infection

The most detailed map of the Universe shows it's a little older than we previously thought.

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