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Temperatures on Mars rise and fall twice a day

New phylum of bacteria discovered

Ancient armoured fish had abs

Leprosy from medieval knights is much the same as modern-day leprosy

Supreme Court rules on human-gene patents

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Australian Bird Moves Like Jagger and Sounds Like Space Invaders

Comet Lovejoy flies into Sun to reveal solar secrets

Australian squid eat sperm for better bodies and babies

Growing Left, Growing Right- why your left is different to your right

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400 Year old frozen plants get thawed out and revived. A Russian scientist claims to have found liquid blood in a 10,000 year old woolly mammoth carcass. The iron in beads worn by pre-Iron Age Egyptians came from meteorites. 1 in 13 museum visitors have 'ape-like' feet. An old theory about the evolution of the turtle's shell gets some supporting evidence. And a new therapy for schizophrenics shows promise.

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Vitamin C kills tuberculosis in an accidental discovery. Why penguins can swim but not fly. A Neanderthal tooth gives a clue about the history of breastfeeding. The pathogen that caused the Irish Famine gets its genome sequenced. Our guts are full of bacteria, and even more viruses. The 'top ten' new species discovered in 2012. Cockroaches are evolving to avoid our traps.

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