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Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, and Penny Dumsday.

Topics covered:

Male squids appear to have sex with male and female squids, neutrinos might travel faster than light, and the DNA of an Australian Aborigine gives insights into the early migration out of Africa. Plus the discovery of a gene linking high fat food to diabetes and a study about cooperation in chimpanzees reveals stark differences to humans.

Our theme music, Step On It, kindly provided by The Upstanding Members.

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Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, Penny Dumsday, and Lucas Randall.

Topics covered:

A new clutch of genetic mutations linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, online gamers have deciphered the structure of an enzyme that has long eluded scientists, and Victoria’s dolphins have been formally recognised as a new species. Plus Australia's northward drift has shed light on the causes of long-term sea level change, the James Webb Space Telescope gets a ray of hope, NASA announces a new rocket and the spooky living billboard that advertises the Hollywood blockbuster Contagion.

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Hosts: Lucas Randall, Penny Dumsday, Kylie Sturgess.

Topics Covered:

  • Diamond planets, climate change and the scientific method
  • Despite winning acclaim for his children's book on evolution, Daniel Loxton faced some challenges getting published in the US
  • Are wild birds learning to speak from their previously domesticated cousins?
  • New study provokes a re-think on dingoes' history
  • It may not be up to sci-fi standards, but 'suspended animation' is ready for clinical trials as a life-saving technique
  • Near-death experiences may indeed be all in the mind, triggered by changes in serotonin levels
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Hosts: Lucas Randall, Dr Shayne Joseph and Dr Rachael Dunlop.

Topics covered:

- Rachael Dunlop's research at the HRI in to the links between motor-neuron disease and blue-green algae
- A gene defect appears to cause the most common sight-disorder, near-signtedness or Myopa
- A team has found an association between long-term dietary patterns and the bacteria of the human gut
- Blood shortages are a global problem, and a French team have now published the results of their study which may be a crucial step towards addressing it - with stem cells
- A newly discovered star which formed back when the universe was just a toddler is challenging our current understanding of star-formation
- Cognitive dissonance FTW

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Hosts: Lucas Randall, Dr. Shayne Joseph and Penny Dumsday.

Topics covered:

- Jumping genes helped evolution
- Cavemen sex gave humans a health boost
International team discovers planet made of diamond
Fossil Discovery Represents New Milestone in Early Mammal Evolution
Kamikaze Satellite Could Be Earth’s Last Defense Against Asteroid
Fossils hints on Earth’s first life
Fruit bacteria to curb dengue

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